A huge thank you for stepping up and managing your child's hockey team! Here's a couple of tips to get you started on the right track. If you have ideas and content to add to this page, let us know by sending an email to our webmaster.



From 2019/2020 season on, a TeamSnap premium subscription is provided free of charge for all teams - this includes scheduling, availability, online billing (for cash calls) and full game statistics. Gone are the days where managers would have to pay for a basic subscription out of their own pocket and then use cash calls to get reimbursed at the end of the season!

At the beginning of the season, all team parents will be invited to join the TeamSnap team and then when a manager is selected, we will assign the manager permissions to those people who volunteer for that position.


In the past, managers have been involved in rounding up volunteer cheques, Hockey Canada medical information forms, photo and media permission slips - but from the 2019/2020's already been done  - the forms are stored in TeamSnap for you and the volunteer cheques are already safely stored with the treasurer!


During the first week of practices, you will likely want to organize a sit down with your team parents to discuss Respect In Sport and ground rules. It's critical that we start the year of right and review the key learnings from the respect in sport course that everybody has completed.

Other things to discuss during this team meeting:

  • Number of tournaments the team is interested in attending
  • You will submit your teams application for tournaments at
  • Cash call amount and deadline
  • Volunteers for treasurer and jersey keeper/cleaner
  • Christmas and End of Season party options
  • Fundraising options to cover cost of tournaments


Each team holds a bank account, you won't need to set one up. The team at our designated bank will reach out to you and the team treasurer as the two signatories required for each cheque. You'll need to provide a copy of your driving license if you've not banked with them before, fill in some paperwork and then you'll be set.

The CMHA Treasurer will also connect with you to provide you with the team deposit book and cheque books.


A few of our coaches use these forms to understand more about what players and parents are looking for from the season. Reach out to your team's coach to see if they would like to use them. Thanks to Robbi Spady for sharing!


Thanks for volunteering to manage your child's hockey team this year!